Group of Micrometeorology

Developing researches

The Micrometeorology Group of the IAG USP is composed by two laboratories:
  • Laboratory of Micrometeorology: It develops observational and numerical studies of exchange processes of energy, mass and momentum between surface and atmosphere, that in turns affect the planetary boundary layer. The LabMicro runs a micrometeorological platform where continuous observations of global and diffuse solar radiation (since 1994) and longwave atmospheric radiation downwards (since 1997) are carried out. This data has been made available to scientific community in and out of Brazil for research. Click here to access the scenario of the observed data on the platform of micrometeorology.

  • Laboratory of Air-Sea Interaction: The transfer of energy, mass and momentum between ocean and atmosphere, which occurs through the vertical turbulent flows, is an important aspect of possible climate change that the planet is suffering. These flows provide the coupling between ocean and atmosphere representing thus key processes in the climate system. Besides climate change, the knowledge of the turbulent exchange over the ocean interface is crucial to (i) diagnostic and prognostic studies applied to numerical weather forecasting, (ii) environmental assessment using operational dispersion models of atmosphere and ocean, (iii) oceanographic investigations, (iv) biogeochemical studies, (v) wave forecasting models, (vi) maritime engineering, etc. The main activities carried out in the LIAM focus on observational and numerical investigations of physical phenomena related to the atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers.