Group of Micrometeorology

Developing researches

Antarctic (ETA Project)

EACF - Brazilian Antarctic Research Station (62º4'33'' S, 58º23'46''W, 0 m)

  • In situ data:

    • Images

    • Real-time data

    • Last week, month and monthly data average

    • Equipaments:

      • Global solar raditation (model: CMP11)

      • Atmospheric longwave (model: CGR3)

      • Net radiation (model: CNR4)

      • Temperature and relative humidity (model: CS215)

      • Rain (model: TB4)

      • Speed and direction wind (model: 05130)

      • Absolute CO2 and water vapor, barometric pressure (LI-7500)

      • Three-dimensional wind speed, and sonic air temperature (model: CSAT3)

      • Soil heat flux (model: HFP01)

      • Soil temperature (model: 107)

  • WRF modeling forecast (MEIS d.o.o.)

The Group of Micrometeorology provides data for the scientific community to develop research projects in Brazil and abroad.

In order to request the data fill the form and send it by email to